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Aee ... ... Kuramaya San [06 Oct 2005|02:17am]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

Hello, Im still alive.

Yup everytime I seem to update I tend to out-do my last post... This one, will out-do also.
On my 18th Birthday I was thrown out of my house with my father, by my step-mom, my father had been having an affair for about 2 years or so, They got devorced, They're fighting over my sister.

While this was happening, I stayed with my gran, I got a giant absess in my mouth which meant I was in uber-pain for about a week while I waited for my 'Emergency' dental appointment. My iPod died, then because I couldnt get into my house to feed it, So did my Cockatiel. Lots of other bad things continued to happen but I was presumably too drunk to remember now. Since then, I've had around 2 shifts at work, leaving me with a pitiful pay which was all spent on drink over the space of 2 days.

We eventually got my possessions out of the house, all my furniture was destroyed, and we've now just moved into a rented flat in beatty court, accross the road from pathhead primary school, with my fathers new partner, Maggie.

I'm not letting it get me down, look ... I'm still dancing.

lol, College has been fun, being an art student... ha!
We've to design a health drink logo/advert/style whatever for our first project, I'm doing flavored milk 'MOMO-MILK*' for a target buyer of around the age of 4 (or japanese schoolgirls ^____^), and most probably asian. My mascot is a little cow, ushi-kun, and its far too... japanese for the classes liking...(No. It's Not a fucking Pokemon you Goff) ha! they've seen nothing yet.

Anyways, I'm Lonely as hell, But not next week but the week after, I have a week off from College, I hope I can go up and see Anna, if its ok with her :), God I haven't even seen Amy since her trip to Hong Kong, I should give her a call or summin.

^____^ ...Adam Ant... Yas!

P.S. On the plus side, my 18th rocked, we had a water fight outside in the dark it was so fun, too bad Amy missed it, she would have owned at that.
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Hmmm... How do I put this? I've been busy? Yeah That'll do. [07 Sep 2005|11:05am]
[ mood | drained ]

...Yes... I'm still alive.

Whats happened since last time... Em... Oh! Im going to College now, I said I wouldn't goto College straight after school but well, yeah... So Im doing DIGITAL & GRAPHIC DESIGN at Glenrothes College, Its pretty cool, apart from having to draw with a pencil and paper... and there currently running Adobe Photoshop 5.5 ... o.0!
Its Pathetic... s'pose not everyone can afford to download Adobe Creative Suite 2 from Torrentspy, Ah well.

do you like my amazing picture? i do.

Oh I'm 18 in like... 9 Days, Im using the Money to Update poor Yossi...Shes getting old.

*4 Hr Break of College*

Ok Everythings changed since then I'm not in the Mood to talk about any of it.
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END OF AN ERA [22 May 2005|10:38pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

That's me Finished School!
altogether- yup, it feels scary but also good.

What have I done this week... hmmm...

* I hurt my Back Severely, Couldn't walk till Thursday, I'm on 'Co-codomol'? Summin like that... Because of this, I've put on weight cos I can't get to the Gym ¬¬

* Fell out with Dean over the money for his Phone, So yeah, Prob wont be at the Boxing again.
FFS! Eye of the Tiger just came on the Radio... I Swear its a Sign.

* Went to go see STARWARS - Episode III - Revenge of the Sith with Shane... its actually amazing...

* Got my Dogtags back off Jystina :)

So yeah ... Its been a Good Week. I LOVE LIFE AGAIN!


I was working all weekend missed Eurovision Song Contest 2005 , So yeah... Im downloading the Album right now... and a Pirate DVD of the Show :) so yeah... I will see it... in preparation I'm listening Nuria Fergo's new album I bought New in Malaga last week... Oh yeah I went to Spain... I forgot that! ...lol.

I can't think of anything else to write... OH! and Thanks amy for stealing hours of my life saving introducing me to that Mai_chan's website... I've saved all his pretty pictures... thank you very much! :) *So Pretty* ...

...thats Wrong.

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A Day Wasted. [17 May 2005|12:19am]
[ mood | bored ]

Amy and Anna did this, so i decided to do it too...My Poor DVD Collection...Collapse )
Don't Slag it Please! lol. I had other things planned for this post, but after that list, I've forgot whatever it was.

anyways I scanned these two 'Accidental Polaroids' that came out better than anything I could Have tried to do.

+2Collapse ) * LJ Scrapbook seems to be being a mofo atm so yeah might not work.

Yeah there still crap but I just really Love that aiko one's expression I couldn't have planned that in a Million Years !!!

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Greatest day of My Life [12 May 2005|07:05pm]
[ mood | hyper ]


I woke up excited about my last day at school after only getting home from Malaga only... 4hrs earlier.
I updated my iPod with my Nuría Fergo CD... Spanish Pop, lol... I'm so sad, but yeah she's great. I Put on one of my bigger shirts from when i was fat... LOL... but yeah I was like I hope everyone is like signing eachother's shirts like it was last year for the 6th years before mine, so I was all excited... took my marker and off I was to school, Listening to my new CD.

We got to school to find a giant ... 5m x 5m Message written on the front grounds of the school in white paint, "CLASS OF 2005" I laughed lots... The Teachers we're not pleased, Prom was canceled because of it. I think because of what had been done, hardly any of the 6th years where actually in school, no one was taking photos and signing shirts it was rubbish I was actually upset, all though its all abit silly really, I'd waited all year for it. Me and Shane showed gave our thanks to mrs Tulloch our tutor teacher, who has stood by me for the 6 years I've been there when everyone was against me, I respect her so much.

So plodding along in what seemed like to be lined up as a crap day, Me and Shane went to the Study Room, AKA the Common Room we'll Never have, and sat complaining about the day allready, before all the 6th years that where in all came upto the room. We said to our friends about how no one was doing all the stuff last year did, and they where like "yeah we wanted that too but we thought it was silly..."
so we were like... BUGGER IT, "I'll sign your shirt" was thrown around the room and before not to long, everyone in the room had been signed by everyone else and photos where snapping here there and everywhere, we where so pleased.

Two periods later Me and Shane headed down to my house to have a little celebration Drink, Shane bought Vodka, and I borrowed a few Drinks of like... Every bottle in our Drinks Cabinet... Mostly Shots of 40% upwards... So before long we were both Drunk. We both headed back to school and made it, just after the bell for lunch, we went into the Dining Hall and both of us where reeking of Drink! but we both went got ourselves Bowls of Custard and sat down anyways, Some teachers suspected when we stood funny in the line, all of the teachers suspected when I dropped my custard in a drunken act of madness. We eventually got to the table with all the other 6th years, who by this time were as hyper as us, and we where told that Prom was going ahead again, so we where like "YAS!", it was like it couldnt get anybetter...

After Lunch me and shane started to make our way back to the Study Room, but where stopped my Mr Duffy, I dont know if it was the Army camouflage Face Paints or the Strong smell of Spirits around us but before we knew it we where in his office being screamed at about our "States" and was asked to leave, when I say ask, it was more like "YOU BETTER GET OUT OF THE BUILDING RIGHT NOW BEFORE WE TAKE THIS FURTHER!" so yeah... we ran out of his Office and headed for the Door out... but Shane wanted to say goodbye to his Uncle D who is a Maths Teacher on the Bottom Floor so yeah we went to his room... expained about what had happened he thought it was funny and we started Reflecting on our years in the school. The only regret I had was that I haddent Spoken to Miss Finlayson or even just let her know I exist. I was trying to explain how much I loved her and that I'd give anything to just talk to her, Giving that I was still a little drunk I didn't seem to notice that that goddess I spoke of was standing in the Doorway!!! No Joke.

Uncle D's room is right at the teachers exit and she was passing to go catch a bus at the end of 5th Period and heard her name, So there she was standing there smiling at me, I was dying with embarrassment and couldnt move with nerves... She said "Hello Steven" with a very funny smile on her face. A Smile that said something, A Smile that said I'VE ALLWAYS KNOWN THAT YOU ABSOLUTELY ADORE ME ALL YOUR FRIENDS TELL ME AND UPDATE ME ABOUT IT or something like that. She Knew! shes allways known... I almost passed out when she said... I asked "What has Jenny Told you miss!?" and she Smiled and said "...everything" I nearly died... she said... "can I sign your shirt then?", before she could finish i'd thrown my blazer on the floor and stood with a pen shaking violently in my Nervous hand pointed at her... she took it and signed my Back, I couldnt move, It was actually Ecstasy, Like being touched by an Angel, she wrore "Good Luck! U Star, Miss F x" A KISS! A KISS FROM MISS FINLAYSON! I actually felt my Heart Melt, she gave me back my pen and her hand touched mine slightly, she said "I've got a bus to catch, bubai!" and Uncle D shouted "I wish I had a camera for what you did to his face!" She smiled so warmly at me and rushed out... I waited 3 years for that, I WILL NEVER FORGET THIS DAY.

After this, I went and found Jenny Gave her a huge Hug and thanked her for telling Miss Finlayson, Then me and Shane made our escape, and headed for ASDA, we finally got there at 3:25 and I phoned a taxi in there for 3:30 to take us back to the school, we went bought the biggest SuperSoakers we could find 4 2L bottles of water, and ran out waiting for the taxi. When we got to the school we could see the house heads and the Police all waiting outside the school for any Muck-up-day Funny business so we asked the Taxi driver to drive up the side street next to the school to Dunniker, we jamp out... Filled our Guns and Ran down, Soaking everyone in our paths... all the other 6th years that hadden't been there all day where now passing back and forth in their cars throwing eggs and shooting ppl with water guns so we ran alongside the cars shooting in laughing so much, we eventally found Liz and Gay Shawn walking home and we soaked him, Shane covered his ass in water, I worked on his face, Mrs Kerr caught up with us and went mad, so we ran away... LOL! Like little kids, and like ... Just went our seperate ways, I came home... And scanned my shirt, So sad.

To think I was going going to Tick it Today and goto Edinburgh.
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[02 May 2005|04:48pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

I made a Big mistake lastnight in trying to drink away sorrows, Made myself very ill, then I helped two 5th year girls that Dislike me get home safely, Before getting home just before 5 in the Morning, Waking up at 1 in the afternoon with not so much as an Alchoholic Hangover, Because I dont get Hungover, But a Life Hangover.

I ended up curling up in the dark with my little sister and watching Spirited Away, it made me feel much better. This is the part where I should say I've learned my lesson, but all its made me think of, is which and how films have changed my life. So now, Here is a list of Films that have actually Moved me as a Person:

Chungking Express
Spirited Away
My Sassy Girl
The Virgin Suisides

Notice 3 of them are Korean :) , And at this Moment I can't think of any other, But these Films are All Masterpeices, they've Changed my Life and made me happier, I recommend them to Everyone.

Amy I'm very Sorry.

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[28 Apr 2005|02:02pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Omg My sister Likes RIP SLYME and San along with GALAXY... "OH SEXY BABY, DANCING IN DA GROOVE" Comes into my room and asks for the video to be put on, Shes 3.

Current Song of Listeness, I totally love this song, I've got the PV in MPEG2 and its great.

ケツメイシ - さくら

*Sakura mai chiru naka ni wasureta kioku to kimi no koe ga modotte kuru
Fuki yama nai haru no kaze ano goro no mama de
Kimi ga kaze ni mau kami kaki waketa toki no awai kaori modotte kuru
Futari yakusoku shita ano goro no mama de

Sakura chiri dasu omoidasu imi naku
Tomori dasu ano goro mata kini naru
Kawara nai kaori keshiki kaze
Chigau no wa kimi ga inai dake
Koko ni tatsu to yomigaeru komi ageru kioku yomi kaesu
Haru kaze ni mau nagai kamitawai nakoto de mata sawai dari
Sakura ki no mashita katari akiraka shita
Omoide wa ore kagayaita akashi da
Sakura chiru goro deai wakare
Sore demo koko mada kawaranu mama de
Saka shita me kimi hanashita te
Itsushika wakare kawashi tane
Sakura mau kisetsu ni tori modosu
Ano goro soshite kimi yobi okosu

Hanabira mai chiru kioku mai modoru
Hanabira mai chiru kioku mai modoru

Kiduke bamata kono kisetsu de kimi tono omoide ni sasoware
Kokoro no tobira tataita demo te wo suri nuke ta hanabira
Hajimete wakatta ore wakakatta
Kono basho kuru made wakarana katta ga
Koko dake wa ima mo naze sadame no you ni kaoru kame
Atatakai you no hikari gakoboreru me wo tojireba ano hi ni modoreru
Itsushika kimi no omokage wa kiete shimau yo doko ka he
Ano hi irai keshiki kawara nai
Chiri yuku hanabira wa katara nai
Sakura no shitani hibiita kimi no koe ima wa mou


Sotto boku no kata ni mai ochita hito hira no hanabira
Te ni tori me wo tsumureba kimi ga soba ni iru


Hanabira mai chiru kioku mai modoru
Hanabira mai chiru

This is Kinda just because I cant be bothered Finding the Site again with the Lyrics again, and I'm at school So can't Just Save them.

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[21 Apr 2005|10:25am]
[ mood | bored ]


Best Livejournal Group *Ever*

I wish more idiots where passionate about sad things.

This is a Pointless Post, I know, theres bugger all else to do though, Im actually at School for once, Im going to try and Stay.

*Does Azumanga dance* Im listening to Ayumi... Muha-haha-haha-hhhhhh-a.

Think I'll draw summin again.

That is the most Rubbish thing I've ever seen in my Life, and I've been to Berrick

Yeah Im so bored I cant even be bothered Trying.

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Updating... ^____^ [21 Apr 2005|01:17am]
[ mood | cold ]

Im not as good as Amy... :(

My Rubbish Drawing

... its supposed to be Torchic

Yeah btw... I'm still trying to sort my self out *He says with a Straight Vonka in his hand* Mahahaha.

Wish I was Joking.

Anyways I can allways Update you on whats been happening, Schoolwise Im still not going, It was funny Me and Shane got Caught yesterday, All the Guidance Teachers where out for a walk at the Ravenscraig Park and Caught us on the Swings, Usually when we're doing something daft when we should be in school we'll say "If Davies could Just see us now..." And She did. LOL we both just burst into Laughter, as she shouted "Well and Truly Caught!", ah well, Good Times.

I bought Nunchucku, I've never had so many Lumps on the Back of my Head in all my Life, or Smashed an Energy Efficiant Light Bulb, in the Space of 20mins after opening the Box they Came in.

I found Lost in Translation Film Cells I'd Forgot I bought, I wish I actually had a Use for them.

Owww... on the Boxing side, No there not all Still Kicking my Ass, One of them Did Hear from a Certain Un-named *COUGH* that i was Impotent, This was obviously a Lie, But now they've *Punished* me for being Impotent, I may very well Be.

Its great JPOPSUKI has revitalised my Love for Halcali, I hadden't Listened to them for ages and had decided I liked BENNIE K better, you see when i first looked for Halcali stuff,,, I by accident downloaded BENNIE K, ended up Liking them too.

*BGM: Halcali - Marching March, well Watching the PV I got from JPOPSUKI, :) only one I didnt have and now is my Favourite, It also reminds me I have a Tailor-made Red Suit I havent Wore Yet, Except now that I've tried it on, I've lost soo much Weight, It doesnt Fit me anymore*

I asked about Getting a Transfer from my Kirkcaldy Branch to other countries, I can actually get a Transfer to that Hong Kong McDonnalds down Star Ferrie's Harbor near Wan Chai, I went to every single day I was there just to see the cute staff get my Order wrong everytime and be forced to drink 2 Ice Teas and eat Fish Fritters just to save her cute little Pride/Job. Yeah I could totally get a Transfer and not need training or anything, So yeah I am actually considering Leaving everything behind, Going to Live over there and Make Burgers for the Rest of my Life. But I'd be Happy, I forgot that Bit.


I want to walk into rooms saying "Elec-toricu Sensei is in da House" in a Robot Voice. LMFAO that would be great. "How's your refrigerator running? if its running like you? Then it'll be running HOMOSEXUALILY" if ppl really insulted eachother like this, I'd actually make PPL hate me.

Under it all Im still the Same, I just need to realize this, and Put the Glass Down *Not the Glass from the Start... that was Finished Ages Ago... o.0* I Hate being Honest.

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polaroids again. [17 Feb 2005|12:16am]
[ mood | content ]

i love polaroids, there so much more cooler that normal photos... and the colors are better... anyways... in a desperate attempt to not forget our school years... we've all been taking more photos at school, here are some.

+1Collapse )

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Owwwwwwwwwww... Pain in my Back [15 Feb 2005|11:37pm]
[ mood | sore ]

Well its been a while, "what's been happening?" did you say?, no I didn't think you said that... OK fine... NO!... I hate you too..... Takes one to know one...


*BGM: Beck - The New Pollution ... "She's Alone in the New Pollution..."*

Anyways... yeah I've been really really busy... me and shane have planned something big... cost us a bundle... I'm not allowed to say what it is though... till I'm back from Milan. I goto Milan soon btw... so yeah I will log on and tell everyone, not that many ppl read this anyways anymore... lol! *Ah! I've got Hemp Hand Protector in my mouth!* Oh yeah! I'm in complete and utter agony... My Whole body is like dying... I've started Boxing, Yeah I know its not me at all, but it'll be good for me... I'm sure I'll feel healthy soon... after the pain... I'll feel Healthy... worse thing is... on Friday I'm going there to like push my body's limits for 2hrs then after it... I'm going out drinking, Then! I'm working the Next day... so yeah... It'll be the end of me.


My Camera came... I actually came also... its so uber cool... can use the 3 Films I bought for it! I can kinda start collecting them, I now have 4 Polaroid Cameras :). OMFG! I bought that Tee-Shirt... the Jeon Ji-hyun one! and a Thai Coca-Cola Poster... there both Orgasmic! the Tee Shirt Fits Perfect... Except... its white and wont last long after a few washes... So I'm keeping it for special Occasion. I bought a new Slim yoke yellow tie too! it should be here tomorrow, its so cool... I'll go with my ... Well it'll go with nothing I have... lol... kinda like all my clothes.
today... in my free period at school I bought my self a mountain bike, paid the man to build it up :) so now I can cycle to my Boxing Classes, then cycle home with bleeding knuckles... like last time.

*BGM: The Hives - Walk Idiot Walk*

I have to get Mirrored Chrome Aviator Glasses before I goto Milan... I have to! I have no money though... I've spent ... £440 in the last... Week. Yeah ... PPL say I'm an Impulse buyer and that I throw Money around... and to them I say, "Wanna Bet?" ... I'm willing to sell my toes to keep up with my "Over Spend" Lifestyle... if anyone wants them... offers over £1200.

I "..." too much, I don't mean it... Its just what happens when I'm trying to think of what to say... Its adapted from a Life of MSN and mIRC... Drives the Adv.Higher English Teacher Mad... and my Sporadic Caps Lock Spazms. Actually School's really bad right now... I've only got 2 Classes I'm allowed to goto now... and I Skive them 99% of the time... I mean I want to Learn... I just Like not being in Class more. I got a big talk today... that I'm the only Prefect that doesn't wear there Blazer... with my "Military Anti Social Jacket" <-- Very Un Military Jacket... I could show them My Real Military Jacket... except... it does something to me I'd prob like... smash something, and my "Player" <-- iPod, and my "Shaggy Hair", These are the things that annoy them, I should be offended but all I can think is... THERE'S NOTHING MILITARY ABOUT THE JACKET I WEAR TO SCHOOL... ITS NORMAL?! FFS... Kerr is Obsessive... she made some faggot in my year who likes swords and Celtic art... you know like the squiggly crosses and crap like that, and she said it was summin like a ... consignia or summin ... made him take it off... said it was offensive and that she didn't want to know he was in a cult... I was Like wtf? as I played with my hair till you couldn't see my Headphones.

*BGM: Jamiroquai - Canned Heat*
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[05 Feb 2005|08:44pm]
You are under construction  You like to go through quizzes without answering all the questions.  You are incomplete.
Which Website are You?
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[04 Feb 2005|05:21pm]
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[04 Feb 2005|10:49am]
[ mood | amused ]

These are the NEDS from my School:FannysCollapse )

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OMG! [02 Feb 2005|05:13pm]
[ mood | excited ]

I should not work so hard and be so fucking rich all the time, i dont even need this much... im greatful though, for all my hard work at mc donnalds, dont say its not work, like to see you try doing the worst job in the world! *points finger* yeah! that shut you up! *smug face* .........took that too far.

OK I know this is kinda shallow.

Things I must have:


well for one, the cover is georgous, all the tracks are amazing, and, it has my two favourite tags in the world in the title, (CD+DVD) and (Limited Edition) :)

* Concert Tour 2004 Autumn - Aa Maki no Shirabe (Japan Version)

It's my Dearest Maki, how can I not buy it!? and I have everything else, it would just be a shame not to get it, the other CDs would be sad.

* My Sassy Girl Director's Cut Special Edition (Japan Version)

OK OK, I do actually have this allready, twice... *HK Copy and Original Directors Cut Korean Overseas Version* But Look at her Face! I HAVE TO HAVE IT! Look at Jeon ji-hyun's face! shes so cute! and shaving foam! *Imagines the Shiina Ringo CM for Gellette's Mach3* I WILL NEVER CHANGE RAZOR! Oh and it has a Bonus Disk I don't have!

I like things.


I'd give all my right toes for that. *wakes up with nosebleed*
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YEY! So Cute! [30 Jan 2005|05:31pm]
[ mood | happy ]

I found a cheaper way to feed my love of the instant film i've always adored. pixelroidsCollapse )

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Da-Ja! [30 Jan 2005|05:31pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

i think i've mastered how to
waste a full polaroid filmCollapse )

So Hung Over.
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Polaroid [26 Jan 2005|05:21pm]
LOOK! How Cool is that! I just Bought it From eBay.

Sooo! Cool! I allready have ... well 3 Polaroid Camera's one I just bought today also, it was the Polaroid ONE600 which is a crappy new one, but i wanted the shinny film, which looks the normal 600 film but with duck tape round it, I'm not impressed.
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She's got me wrapped around her finger... [24 Jan 2005|10:28pm]
My Life has just ammounted to just me... sitting by my mobile... hoping she'd text me. Its not healthy... all i want to do, is be with her, i wish i had the guts or like brains to like think of somewhere cool to take her ... then ask her to go there... but i cant. *no one comment and say movies... i hate that... because i goto the pictures and like zone out... its so uncomfortable for me, i feel i have to try and interact with the person i went with, cos i mean why go with someone when you could go on your own... i dont get it* "You know, Im such a fool for you" you know i've never felt so close to song lyrics before... i need to somehow get out of this... i really do love her... its scaring me shitless...argh!... i dont know what to do...i feel so alone and lost.
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Yeah, Im going insane. [21 Jan 2005|06:49am]
[ mood | awake ]

What the hell did that message mean? Its driving me mad. I havent Slept tonight BTW, I've got my Advance Higher English Prelim today, and I've sat up all night, thinking about a girl, She's Driving me Mad.
Anna Helped me , she helped me think of an amazing Idea! Make Kamila a MixTape, I was making up the Playlist anyway, of songs that reminded me of her, I just didnt think of giving her it. I'll just make the CD, write "Songs that Remind me of You" and leave it in her flat, I hope she Likes it.
So Far I only Have 10 Songs:

01. Edwin Collins - Never Met a Girl Like You
02. Maurice Williams & Zodiacs - Stay
03. Frank Sinatra - Somethin' Stupid
04. The Mamas & The Papas - I Saw Her Again Last Night
05. The Foundations - Build Me Up Buttercup
06. Katie Melua - Closest thing to Crazy
07. Elvis Costello - She
08. The Cranberries - Linger
09. The Temptations - My Girl
10. The Hollies - The Air That I Breathe

This is All I have, but you see thats because its not what the songs sound like, its about whats in the lyrics, I agree with all these Lyrics about her...If you Understand the Situation, can maybe think of something I havent, Please Comment.

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